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Explore a mysterious cave that seems to have an endless supply of things. Treasure, strategically choose your battles to collect as much treasure as possible! Rare artifacts, rare gold, and stat gems are available. Explore the skill tree to choose a mage or warrior. Alchemist or a combination of skills. Craft potions, enchant your equipment, You will be able to discover hidden areas! Be careful, and the cave can become dangerous! It is becoming increasingly dangerous with more explorers being reported missing each day...
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Dustin Auxier
9 January 2021
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Explore a mysterious cave that seems to have endless possibilities. Strategically choosing which battles you want to win in order to maximize your supply of treasure As much treasure as you can!
You can find rare artifacts and gold as well as stat gems. Then, you can traverse the skill tree and become a mage of your choice. Alchemist, warrior, or a combination of both. Discover secret areas, make potions, or enchant your tools! The cave is becoming more dangerous with more explorers disappearing every day.

The Enchanted Cave 2 can be found here RPG/roguelike that places a strong emphasis on risk vs. rewards Strategically Choose your battles, build your character, and enchant yourself It is crucial that you have the right equipment and know when to get out of the cave.

—Key Features—
9 Playable Characters
– 100 randomly generated floors full of loot, monsters and minibosses
– Hidden areas in walls
– A bustling town full of eager explorers and tourists who are willing to trade and talk about their gear
Over 300 items, equipment and spells available.
– Shops in the mid-cave to sell, buy and enchant equipment
– A skill tree that allows you to play 3 different styles or any combination of them!
Grant Kirkhope’s beautiful music.
Museum for hardcore collectors
– A new Game+ mode that will take you to infinity


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