The Impossible Game APK


Very frustrating and addictive game. Any mistakes will lead to immediate death and return to the beginning of the level. Game with a dynamic music, you will soon be addicted! The game also includes an exercise mode that allows you to place checkpoints all the way.
4.0/5 Votes: 20,200
Sep 8, 2015
1.6 and up

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Android gets the best-selling iPhone App, and Xbox Live Indie Game – it’s possibly the hardest game in the world!
Tap the screen once to jump. Then, use the orange square to guide the orange square over spikes. Jump onto blocks to reach the end of each level. You will be instantly killed and you’ll be respawned at the start of each level. You’ll soon become addicted to the amazing soundtrack!

A Practice Mode allows you to place checkpoints on your way. You can unlock medals by beating the game without flags. You can check out the Stats page to see how far you’ve come through each level.


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