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The Rising of the Shield Hero Relive The Animation — role-playing game based on the popular anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero. You can not only relive memorable scenes from the anime, but also experience the combat system used by Naofumi, a hero who specializes in defense.
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November 22, 2019
5.0 and up

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Aneko Yusagi’s work inspired the anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero, ” making its RPG debut!
You can relive not only the memorable scenes of the anime but also experience the battle system used to defeat Naofumi (a hero who specializes on defense). You can become a merchant traveling throughout the vast lands of Melromarc if you are a faithful follower of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

A 2D RPG complete with RPG Maker MMV
RPG MakerMV makes an authentic RPG.
This game is sure to please, regardless of whether you are a fan or not!

features more than 700 cels from the anime
You will find over 700 cels and animated 2D pixel characters in the game!

immersive battle system
The Shield Hero’s many abilities and talents are used in the battle system. “Vigilance” allows you to see where the enemy is aiming; “Seize,” which traps enemies that gun for you; and “Protect,” which can be used to protect your allies.
You can also use the robust leveling system to infuse your shield using items that you acquire to learn new skills.

You can become a merchant to travel the vast lands around Melromarc.
Each city and every town from the anime have been recreated so that you can see Melromarc in all its glory.
The game is more than just a story and battles. You will find materials on your journey that you can use to create items that you can sell as a “Traveling merchant.” Your “Reputation Point” will also be affected by the actions you take as a player. These systems are just a few of the many that make The Rising of the Shield Hero’s world come alive!

before buying
[Recommended platform] Android 7.0 or higher
Other devices than those recommended are not supported or guaranteed to work. Returns will not be accepted.
Additionally, users may experience bugs even with recommended devices. Game performance can also be affected depending on the environment.



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