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There are no scenes of excessive plasma explosion and fierce fighting in the game, but in the calm atmosphere of invulnerability, you are forced to the edge of collapse, and there is no way to know what horrible things will happen in the next second. And it is in such a tense situation that the atmosphere does not dare to show, players should use their wisdom, courage and courage to overcome huge psychological pressure, and finally uncover all the mysteries.
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Dec 30, 2021
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[Download guide for players who have already purchased the game] This page is for new users.
Users who purchased the game prior to April 30, 2018, may re-download it and continue using their purchase history. Follow the link below.
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Lovers of the Beach Outfits are available as a free gift for all new buyers.

About the Resource Download
Upon initial game launch, game resources will be downloaded. Downloads can take up to 2GB, so make sure you have enough space and stable Wi-Fi.

Introduction to the Game
This classic horror game is back with full 3D graphics.

The School: White Day features state-of the-art 3D graphics and a compelling storyline that will immerse you in an exceptional horror game.

The School: White Day is a remake from the PC version “White Day: A Labyrinth Named School”, which was released in 2001. Fans still remember the original game fondly from South Korea, where it gained great popularity. It gained a cult following in the United States of America, Canada, Britain, and other countries.

The School: White Day is a game that captures an Asian atmosphere and perspective. It centers around a high school filled with legends, mysteries, and heroes. The story follows Hui-min (the protagonist) and the other students who are locked up in the school at night.

Game Features
You can feel a new level fear when you are trapped in a school after-hours!
Although school is an environment that is familiar to everyone, The School White Day’s Yeondu High School has a lot more. There are ghosts with strange pasts, possessed janitors and other horrors.

Run for your life!
The School: White Day does not contain any gory scenes. You are not allowed to use knives or guns. The player is a normal student who must escape from dangers at school in order to survive.

Rich storyline with multiple endings.
The School: White Day is the story of the main character and his fellow female classmates who are trapped at the School as they try to survive. The stories are fascinating and complex, giving rise to a storyline comparable to console games.

The game’s outcome is determined by the player’s actions and choices. There are seven possible endings.

All 8 Languages are Supported
– Korean, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Russian, Japanese

English Voice Support

– Chinese voice supported

Game Support & Inquiry
If you have questions while playing the game, please contact us at [email protected]

Below are the minimum hardware requirements to The School: White Day.
Recommended: Quad-core CPU, 1GB+ RAM”


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