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After the zombie apocalypse, the world is dark. It was your birthright, therefore you must fight to survive. Against many types of zombies, bandits, and dangerous boss monsters
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Alda Games
2 September 2021
5.0 and up

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ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! After the zombie apocalypse, the world will be a dark place. It is the world you were born into. Therefore it is your responsibility to protect it. You will need to fight many types of threats and survive. Zombies, bandits, and dangerous boss monsters. Important things will continue to happen. Story quests and side quests. Level up your skills and perks. Buy equipment and communicate with (unlucky) survivors Free mobile FPS/RPG

Walking Zombie 2 is an FPS classic with a storyline, quests and some awe-inspiring graphics. You can shoot a lot with various weapons offline without an internet connection. Zombies are your main enemies. They are present in large numbers and many different forms. To finish them off, you will use guns with different ammo and grenades. You will also be able to heal yourself with medkits, food, and other items. Your character will grow stronger as you complete more quests. You’ll gain better equipment, improved skills, and perks. Do you want to increase your hit points, have a greater chance of unlocking locks, or reduce fuel consumption when driving around the world map? What can you do to reduce the impact of the dead on the world?


  • The classic single-player post-apocalyptic FPS
  • Attractive, modern polygon graphics style
  • Karma system: Good and bad deeds can create new opportunities and encounters
  • Dozens upon dozens of side quests and stories
  • You can have your own survival team with many weapons, protective gear, and other equipment
  • You can also play an offline survival game
  • You can also build and craft in the open-world portion of the game.
  • Weapon skins
  • There are many enemies: Zombies, bandits, and boss mutants.
  • Traders in settlements
  • Zombies hunter Ace can be completed as an optional mission
  • Trucks and cars – faster than walking! You can also store extra loot from the dead inside the trunk!
  • Mini-games that are funny

Is it possible for your story to end happily after such a terrible start? You are the only person who can save the planet because of the circumstances that led to your birth. The virus that makes animals and people into zombies can only be cured by you. This makes you an ideal weapon against the undead masters and a symbol of hope for the future. You will be accompanied by friends who will support you on your journey. Together, discover the truth about yourself and find the path to creating a better tomorrow. There is a cure for every danger, even if there are many.

We We are still working on new content for this game. Many story arcs take you to this dangerous frontier of zombies and help make the world a better place. We are constantly developing new mechanics to help you craft these for your survival. Your actions could cause hatred among survivors, such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, etc. You will still be able to endure it with the help of new tools.


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