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Titan Quest was first released on the PC platform in 2006. Although more than 14 years have passed, but this game has yet to decrease the popularity of the market. HandyGames even released an Android-only version, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, with an original story and a slew of content that allows you to pay for download. It’s on sale on Google Play for $ 20.24. This cost includes the entire paid content plan (DLC) and does not contain ads. However, you can also download this game for free on our website.
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Nov 17, 2021
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Since its 2006 launch, Titan Quest has attracted countless players. This edition includes ALL DLCs as well as technical updates. This is the complete edition of Titan Quest, with all the features and a truly heroic journey through each world.
Save the world is your noble quest!

Titans can’t be defeated by the gods. Real heroes must be found, and they cannot come from only the gods. The fate of the Olympians and the people will be decided by your success or failure! Your custom-made hero will help you explore the ancient and mystical worlds of China, Egypt, Babylon, and Egypt. Master various weapons and martial art, including archery, sword fighting and the use of powerful magical powers, to conquer the legendary creatures.

Explore a world of Nordic mythology and antiquity!

You will encounter mythological beasts as you journey to the Parthenon and the Great Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Tartarus Arena, the Great Wall, and other notable places. Discover the hidden lands of northern Europe and search for Atlantis’ mythical kingdom, then embark on a journey across western Mediterranean.

It doesn’t matter what you do on your path to glory!

You’ll face new challenges as you try to conquer stronger and bigger enemies until you achieve your goal, which is to bring the Titans to their knees. Begin the fight with your brave pet companions. You will find extraordinary items that have special abilities that will help you improve your skills and get you on the right path. You can find legendary swords, lightning spells, magic, bows, and many other treasures that have unimaginable power.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is unlike any other Action RPG game. It combines the intriguing world of mythology and endlessly exciting activities you’d expect from such an engaging game!

* All DLCs Included
* IMMORTAL THRONE – In the world of Immortal Throne DLC you will encounter the most evil characters from Greek mythology, fight the attacks of Cerberus and hazard the banks the River Styx. To conquer this new dark adventure, you will need to interpret the prophecies given by the blind seer Tiresias and fight alongside Achilles and Agamemnon.
* RAGNAROK – Explore the wild lands of northern Europe with the Ragnarok DLC. You’ll encounter the Northmen, Celts and Asgardian gods.
* ATLANTIS – Meet an Atlantis DLC explorer on his quest for the mythical kingdom Atlantis. The diary of Herakles allegedly contains a key, and it is believed to be located in Gadir, the Phoenician City. For epic battles, set out on a journey through the western Mediterranean, including to the Tartarus Arena.
* All critical updates to the Titan Quest have been made to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

! Note to Titan Quest base players: All DLCs will be available for purchase so that all Titan Quest fans can enjoy the full expansions.


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