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USB Media Explorer — it is easy to use and has a small number of disadvantages in its qualities and application features, which provides users with fast and productive work with information on USB media without moving files to internal space.
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April 8, 2022
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USB Media Explorer (UME) was formerly Nexus Media Importer. It allows you to view photos (Jpeg, Raw), stream videos 1,, listen and play music, and view documents stored on USB storage devices. You can use these screens to view photos, videos, music and documents. You can copy files to and from your USB device. You can view full-size photos or videos without the need to import!

Supported Devices:
– Flash/Pen Drives
-Card readers
-Hard Drives 2
– Cameras3
– Other Android Devices 4
– MTP/UMS audio players5
– Some DVD drives 6

Additional hardware requirements:
A micro USB OTG cable, or USB C-to USB adapter is required to connect most devices. You can purchase these from all major retailers.

1. A third-party player such as VLC may be required for audio and video formats that are not natively supported by Android (AVI/Dolby, DTS/WMV),
2. Hard drives consume a lot of power, so external power sources like a USB hub powered by a battery may be necessary.
3. Only cameras that have storage are supported. These devices, such as webcams and endoscopes, are not compatible with live image devices.
4. Access another Android device if the target device is in MTP/File transfer Mode.
5. The majority of “i” devices use a proprietary protocol. These protocols are not supported.
6. Supported DVD drives only include those that support AV Connect mode. Refer to your DVD drive manual. Support is not available for commercial DVDs.

To email support, tap “Homesoft” on the About screen. I do read and respond to reviews. However, it can be difficult to resolve issues because they are one-way. Please include your Android device, the USB device that you are trying to use and a description.


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