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Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is the continuation of this story The great gangster. Your king of streets is back challenged. You must prove to the criminal streets who the boss is Here. Your underground empire was too big.
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27 August 2021
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Las Vegas Crime Simulator 2 continues the story of the great Gangster. Your reigning king of streets is being challenged once more. You must prove that you are the king of the streets. The boss of the criminal streets. You built your underground Too much empire. But betrayals, and new members in criminal clans are not acceptable. You can take over your business. A free simulation with an open 3D environment. Your fighter must show his teeth to repel enemies. You are Waiting for exciting gunfights or chases. Racing High speeds are common in the city. There are many missions that clash with each other. Bandits and confrontations with corrupt authorities Participate in the  entry gang. You can take control of new areas. Your hero’s stature will increase Assert the title of great mafia. This will allow you to achieve even greater fame City. You can try your hand at new criminal adventures.

Complete Important tasks. The icons indicate the most important tasks. minimap Take control of protected areas, such as military bases and military bases. You and your brothers can possess a lot of weapons. To destroy other clans from the inside, you must work with them. Your gang should act together. Expand your influence.

Daily bonuses Join the You can lose weight each day to reach the final prize. Get free crystals Multiple times per day. Unplanned resources can be collected on a 3D map. There are many useful items: first-aid kits, cartridges. Weapons and body armor

Continually improve your character. This will improve your dexterity, stamina, and weapons possession.
Game Your child’s achievements can help you motivate them. These are some examples These are some of the accomplishments that will boost your skills
Car thief: Steal a van, SUV or taxi car and receive a reward.
Taxi driver: Drive a taxi for 10 mins and receive a reward
Naxeex – Collect icons with your company logo to get an award
Lasso – collect all the super heroes figures and receive a reward.

Las Vegas Crime Simulator 2 has been adapted to mobile devices. Setting the game quality. You can play on your phone or tablet with the help of intuitive interfaces Modern 3D Graphics, better lighting, and visual effects can help you to Immerse yourself into the game.

Your boyfriend can have superpowers. You can make your gangster a super-hero. You can purchase:
Super kick – Kick with the power and strength of a big stink
Super landing is an opportunity to be a superhero. This allows you to land in a mob with bandits and a powerful explosion.
Find the perfect set for your bandit. You will have a unique combination of hits.

In The store for your little guy has a weapon for every purpose. Level Your cool cannons will be fired up You can still make cool things with an automatic machine. Effectively resist your enemies

Your hero can be catomized. A real gangster You should be stylish and trendy. For a different look, dress up! Situations. You can collect your own gangster collection. Buy Use masks and bandanas to cover your face. Make threatening outfits You will make your enemies fear before you fight.


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