Voice PRO HQ Audio Editor MOD APK (Unlocked)


The most complete and best audio editing application in your pocket. By adopting this application you will soon realize your potential and multiple ...
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 The best and most comprehensive audio editing app in your pocket
This application is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to edit, cut, adjust, eliminate disturbances, insert background, and other functions. It’s a high-quality editing and recording application with lots of exciting features.

You can also add audio effects and change the volume or tempo, or unite or mix any type of record.
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Bluetooth files can be downloaded directly to the record list
You can convert the history to text in over 40 languages using an In-App Purchase


The Voice Recorder allows you to:
Record in over 100 formats
You can insert a background in real time using any file that is already on your device. You can also find new files online in a library.
To help you choose the most interesting parts of your records during playback, insert tag
You can control the background effect using the Earphone during recording.
Register in the environment, and you can also use the device to access other services.
Visualize information such as length, sample rates, dimensions, and channels.
You can playback the audio with both an external and internal player.
Complete the task by restoring and completing the records.
You can combine any document in any format.
Take care of the most popular ones, add tags and notes, and search the files.
Convert to many formats (mp3, FLAC, FLAC and ogg).
Take out vocals. Handle the GAIN and the TIME.
Note -> Vocal remover – This will remove or reduce the vocal volume from the musical track. It all depends on what audio file you choose. Music tracks that contain balanced music and Vocal sounds are recommended so the app can filter Vocals.

In-app Plugins:

Convert records into texts. You can convert any document in “texts” to “voice”. This acts as a Dictaphone and allows you to listen to them using an internal “Vocal synthesizer” or save them in Audio Format.
Passwords of 128 characters (bytes) can be used to protect your data and enable you to decrypt or encrypt them.
Mix with other records and background.
Save logs in a new file or format.
Backup & Restore documents using cloud services such as Evernote, Google Drive(tm), and Emails.


Home screen widget
Change the Mp3 bit rate up to 320kbps
Sample rate up to 48000 HZ
Coding at 8 and 16 bytes
Register in formats MONO & STEREO
Auto Gain to Reduce Noises During Recording
Write down any incoming calls.
Each function requires internal support
Privacy, notification and control of icons
Files backup
Request new effects and lyrics


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