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Connect to any WiFi for FREE! WiFi Map is the largest Wi-Fi community in the world! The largest WiFi hotspot database in the world WiFi Map® has more than ...
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 Free WiFi connectivity! WiFi Map is the largest WiFi network in the world.
The largest WiFi hotspot network in the world

WiFi Map(r), which has over 150 million hotspots worldwide, is constantly growing thanks to the community. The app allows you to connect to WiFi hotspots free of charge, receive passwords and share updates with millions of WiFi map users.

Secure and fast VPN for public WiFi networks

Our VPN allows you to access the internet privately and keeps your connection safe. WiFi Map and unlimited VPN allow you to surf the internet securely, make and receive calls, send messages, and stay online using a single WiFi Map application. You can also bypass certain regional restrictions and get access to local services, such as your library.

Maps offline that show where the internet is located.

It is always hard to be without internet access when you travel or are out of service. The offline WiFi passwords map can help you. To ensure you are connected to the internet, download the entire map with all hotspots data.

Support WiFi Map communities and benefit from them

You can use a WiFi scanner for speed testing nearby WiFi networks and connecting to the fastest. You can also contribute to WiFi Map by sharing hotspot data as well as performance details. You will always have accurate information about hotspots thanks to our users.

A sneak peek at the main features of WiFi Map
Search the internet anywhere in the world
Connect to WiFi and get access to the internet absolutely free
Worldwide, millions of WiFi hotspots available
Get WiFi passwords that work and useful tips.
Map navigation is a great way to locate hotspots in your area.
Use filters to locate the closest WiFi available in your area
– Smart search using the WiFi map
– Add WiFi hotspots near you to the map
When you travel, download offline maps
– Share WiFis with friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Unlimited VPN Security
– Many reliable VPN servers around the world

How do I get connected?
1. Open the WiFi Map app.
2. Locate a WiFi hotspot near you.
3. Use the app to connect to the WiFi hotspot.
4. Get fast, reliable internet access that is both free and reliable!

# How to add a new WiFi hotspot to WiFi Map: https://youtu.be/zNRa4TVxc18

In exchange for safe use of some resources (WiFi, very limited cellular data) and the offline region feature, you will receive an ad-free version. This is only available when your device is not being used. This feature can be disabled from the settings menu.


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