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WitchSpring3 – RPG on android, where you will act as a witch and survive in a huge forest. In this game you take control of the witch doll and help her survive in a dangerous world and become stronger. Create a variety of potions and drugs, and also go out of your house to find new ingredients.
4.3/5 Votes: 13,800
Feb 18, 2021
4.4 and up

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WitchSpring Pre-Order : https://www.kiwiwalks.com/witchspring4-en

This is the story of a witch being chased by warriors. Eirudy, The Marionette Witch.
An RPG based on stories with no extra in-app fees.

The Witch lives in the Misty Forest in her hidden house, which is not visible to the warriors.
She works at home crafting tools and magic, and she also trains herself.
She often meets warriors while exploring the outdoors.

The witch awakens her dolls to fight the warriors.
The lonely witch wishes to awaken her dolls and have friends. But her dolls are still silent.

Sometimes, they are praised and recognized by people.
But sometimes it hurts; Eirudy, a lonely Witch.

Lead Eirudy, Marionette Witch, to the path of light.

*You must have at least 900Mb internal storage on your device.
*App requires reading/writing access for game installation and launch.
* To read game data, external storage permissions are required.
* Requires permissions for external storage to store game data.


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