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Everyone dreams of being a famous creator! Youtubers The Life will show you how it feels to be a celebrity and make your videos viral. This simulation game will show you the daily life of Youtube stars! What will it cost? Your YouTube channel's theme?
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22 June 2021
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Youtubers Life is a combination of idle time and time management to create the ultimate influencer simulator. To manage your time and upload videos weekly to your channel, you will need to be organized. Although it will be difficult to gain followers at first, the number of videos uploaded will only increase as you continue to upload more! Don’t let your emotions get in the way. You don’t have to be a hater to get hateful comments. Become a YouTuber and make a name for yourself. Luxurious living!
It would help if you first created your avatar before you can build your video channels. You will need to choose from a variety of hats, hairstyles and shirts. Then, dress your avatar in the latest fashion and make them a fashion victim. Be careful with your money. Spend your money wisely and avoid unnecessary purchases. This will help you get closer to your goal: To be a millionaire!

The real adventure begins once you are ready! There are many options for the theme of your YouTube channel.

* Fashion channel: Create your own clothes and tailor your life. Interview top models while attending fashion events. If you’re lucky enough, you can walk the runway as a professional model. Are you ready for the role of a star on the most coveted runways in the world?  Magazines?

* Cooking channel: Use this simulator to learn how to cook. You can upload your favourite recipe or show how to make a delicious dessert. Edit the video to make it more appealing. It would help if you were prepared to work in some of the most prestigious restaurants around the globe and enjoy your meals. Ideas from other influencers

* Gaming channel: Record your best gameplay, and other gamers will be your fans. Get the best PCs To create the most innovative videos, consoles and video games. You can search for geek videogames to critique their gameplay and generate discussion and comments. You can be a gamer, and you should manage your money to get as many video games as possible.

* Music channel: Create videos of your favourite artists and cover their greatest songs. You’ll soon be able to play live in front of thousands of people. Are you ready? Lifestyle?

It isn’t easy to create a channel. Be careful with your finances and don’t spend too much. You might learn some useful tips from someone who follows a video blog. You can become the most famous vlogger. But… are you ready to receive all types of comments?

Youtubers Live a YouTube simulator will show you what it’s like being a social media superstar and how to live like Jacksepticeye. It’s easy to become a celebrity and go viral, but it is not easy to be an influencer. You need to manage your time and your money. If you stop uploading videos, you could lose some subscribers. Shopping is a good idea. It’s a good idea to update your wardrobe from time to time.

Youtubers Life’s idle simulator will allow you to:

* Shop and personalize your avatar to look like you are!
* Become a vlogger to show your fans your favourite video games on your channel. Be the most liked gamer.
* Edit videos in your studio and manage your channel.
* Be a social media presence and live the life of a billionaire! Copy other blogs
* Join exclusive parties with your subscribers

Join Invite your friends to play this simulation game and see who becomes the most celebrity. Are you able to save money more than your friends when you shop? Are they able to build their channel by making different decisions? Will they reach their goal of becoming a Youtube sensation? You can become a millionaire quicker than you think! To attract the richest sponsors, be more popular on social media than your friends!


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