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Take on global Duelists in real-time and while on the go with "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links"! The star-studded line-up includes Joey, Joey, Mai, and many more! Dueling is enhanced by voices from anime! - For beginners, intuitive controls are Deep enough to please "Yu-Gi-Oh!" veterans - The signature monsters are animated in 3D! You can build your ultimate Deck, and you will reach the top! Step into a new world This connects all Duelists across dimensions. Any location is possible here It transforms into a Duel Field, where heated Duels take place!
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21 July 2021
5.0 and up

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YuGiOh! Available as a mobile application!

Be the best duelist in the entire world.
You can go anywhere, any time! Get ready for sweet duels!

[ABOUT “Yu-Gi-Oh!”] [ABOUT “Yu-Gi-Oh!] Duel Links
“-Easy to understand rules and simple controls for beginners!”
“-Don’t worry about not knowing how to use your cards. You will see when your cards can be activated in the game.
‘-Among 3. Million players who participated in the World Games before now Even Duelists with only 3 to 6 months of Duel Links can be a Champion or a Duelist. Experience is also a great motivator.
You can duel online to reach the top of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” “Duel Links”

Supporting features to beginners
You can even learn from beginners by taking part in in-game missions.
‘-You can learn basic Duel techniques and card basics from different features.

A Beginner’s Guide
‘-Duel Quizzes: Learn the basics of quizzes, and even get Gems for completing them!
Auto-Build Deck: Even if you don’t know how to build a Deck, don’t be discouraged. You get a free deck! You can choose the cards you wish to use, and the rest will be constructed too. You can also combine these cards with yours!
-Auto-Duel – If you don’t know how to play with your deck, this feature can help.
-Ranked Duel: This is a PvP game mode. But don’t worry! You’ll be matched up with Duelists that are similar to you in skill!
Tons Of Rewards: In the beginning stages of the game, you can earn many Card Exchange Tickets and Gems.

Additionally, you can obtain the Egyptian God Cards “Slifer The Sky Dragon” or “Obelisk The Tormentor” by participating in the in-game event.

Online Battles
-Duel your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh characters! World
Complete Stage missions to obtain various items
Shop for cards at the game shop!

Various “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Various “Yu-Gi-Oh!” characters and monsters
-Duel as Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki. Yusei Fudo. Yuma Tsukumo. And many other characters from the entire canon!
-Featuring voicework by cast members from the original shows
You can become them by completing specific missions!
-Epic 3D Cutscenes when Ace Monsters are Summoned
Build your Deck to be the strongest Dueling Master with monsters such as “Dark Magician” and “Blue-Eyes White Dragon.”

Multiplayer Online Battles
-Battle other Duelists with their special battle decks
PVP Battles are a way to battle against other players around the globe!
-Climb up the ranks and become the King of Games

Editing a Deck
Collect cards to create the strongest Deck for battle. Keep checking back for more card additions.
You can use the cards you collect in-game for building and editing your Deck.

-Yu-Gi-Oh! -“Yu-Gi-Oh!”
-Yu-Gi-Oh THE DARK SIDE of DIMENSIONS: Aigami and Sera, and so forth
-Yu-Gi-Oh GX”: Jaden Yuki. Chazz Princeton. Zane Truesdale.
-Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s: Yusei Fudo Jack Atlas Kalin Kessler and so forth
-Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: Yuma Tsukumo, Astral, Tori Meadows, and Bronk Stone.


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