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Play this zombie survival game to survive the apocalypse Game. Your gunship seat in the AC can unleash hellfire upon the dead 130 In a world in which most people have become zombies, there are still a few. From a military operation, survivors face the zombie horde attack Base
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27 July 2021
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Your base is your last refuge for survival. Your ac 130 gunships can help your ground troops achieve their goals. Your shoulders will determine the zg survival rate of your squad against walking zombies. Be a legendary weapon collector!
Equip Upgrade your AC 130 gunship to get undead-effective weapons. To defend your army, shoot zombies from the top. You can collect precious resources, gold, and other rewards and bring them back to your base to build your defence to resist zombie attacks in this zg survival video game.

Air support is available for your business. A mounted gun can be used to fight the zombie hordes. Plan your To achieve maximum efficiency, you should first complete a mission before you deploy your troops
Play assault, demolition, sniper and scout and equip realistic weapons
– Infrared night vision for military use. Realistic and upgradeable Weaponry and difficult first-person shooter combat situations from your  gunner seat.
Your squad’s safety is at risk from zombies with terrifying abilities. Your shooting skills will be challenged by titan zombies that are difficult to kill and can pose a threat to your survival.
Collect You can earn gold and other rewards for building better defences at your shelter. To defend your army base from zombie attacks in this zombie shooting game, upgrade your tower defences, weapons, and guns.
For legendary rewards, shoot the most zombies with different weapons during weekly events!
Play with other members of the community. Talk to friends about shooting game strategies.


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